Opinion: David Lubars on The Next Big Thing

Jeff Grimshaw from TV News recently interviewed multi-award winning BBDO creative David Lubars. David Lubars has won just about every major creative award several times over, including a Cannes Titanium Lion, 17 "regular" Cannes Lions and 3 Emmy awards. In this interview, David Lubars explains why the next big thing is actually TV.

You’ve been involved in all sorts of new media, some of the hot buttons, BMW Films, HBO projects. Tell me what is the next big 'it' thing? 

I think the next big thing that is going to hit is called TV. Now that media convergence has happened, you see the whole horizon line. Television is still the only way to reach huge masses, 80 million people in one shot. It's still a very emotional medium, it’s a way to launch yourself, a way to reinvent yourself and with all those great new digital things that we are doing, it was never an 'or' it has always been an 'and'. And you need TV to be a part of that mix now more than ever.

What is your view right now of the state of television advertising?

It's like it has always been. Some of it is great and a lot of it is really not great. But, the exciting thing now is, I think we are in a golden age of television. I mean there are so many great things on now, you can't even watch them all. None of the other golden ages can make that claim. So maybe it's the golden age. So now more than ever TV advertising has to be as good as some of this great content. Of course, there is always crap on television. Like there has always been. But there's a lot of really good things on and the advertising has to live up to it.

You talked about there is good and there is bad, is there a key factor in really making a television ad that resonates?

Since recorded history, humans respond to storytelling. They don't like being pointed at or banged over the head with something. They like an idea, a concept, something that delights them, something that moves them, makes them laugh, something that is emotional. That's timeless, that's how it's always been. So really it's just sort of doing it in new ways. That's really the key here. In fact, the best shows are storytelling, the best movies, the best books. That's what people respond to, so we try and tell great stories and great truths for our clients

Is there a specific brand out there that has really captured your attention?

I think the Old Spice work is very good…they just captured a great fun way to talk about deodorant and the guy's become this cult figure now. You see him online and in all kinds of different places, but it started out with a TV spot. Most of the great things with millions of YouTube hits, but it started as a TV spot. I think most of the great social 'past-along' media pieces you see started out as a traditional TV spot.

Source: thetvnews.tv
Published December 2011